Experiencing culture of the ethnic tribe at Buoc village

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In the middle of the green Vietnamese mountains you can find a small Buoc village where Thai-people (an ethnic group that came from southern China) live. Because of great natural conditions, Thai-people rely mainly on agriculture. In the past, the village was located adjacent to streams and people in the village used water from the stream for gardening. However, during the rainy season water from the mountains goes down, washes everything away and makes it very dangerous to live close to it. For this reason, in 2002 the government has helped the residents to move to higher lands and build traditional wooden houses.

Help local people to garden and repair traditional houses (if needed), organise leisure activities for their children and cultural exchange with the villagers.

Volunteers will stay together in the bamboo house, which is also equipped with Western-style toilets and bathrooms. Meals are normally served by the local people with volunteers’ help.

The meeting point is in the project office in Hanoi, from where volunteers travel together to the project location.

It is possible to get the airport transfer for approx. $ 20.

Respect for a different culture.

Will and ability to work manually.

Communicative knowledge of English.

A motivation letter is not required.

Price for 14 days 210 EUR / 11 days
Registration fee 3000

If you want more or less days, contact us.

The price includes accommodation, full board food, transportation at project site and necessary materials for projects.

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