What We Do 

We are your strategic partner for all volunteering initiatives.

Corporations include aspects of volunteering into their corporate social responsibility programs. Typically, this takes the form of partnership with, or sponsorship of, voluntary organizations in the charity and NGO sector. Commonly corporations assign employees to short-term volunteer placements within charities, NGO’s or other development organizations.  Some corporations include volunteering placements as part of employee award or incentive schemes, team-building or sabbatical breaks. Meanwhile others promote volunteering organizations to staff on internal marketplaces or intranets leaving the funding and planning up to the employees themselves.

The world of volunteering is large and complex, with diverse stakeholders and agendas. In addition, the ‘marketplace’ is un-regulated. Selecting a volunteering initiative can be a difficult undertaking.  Aligning corporate goals and expectations with a project takes time. In addition, the trip logistics, pre-departure planning and organization can be a headache.

That is where Voluntair adds value. As your partner, we are a one-stop gateway to the world of volunteering. We aim to be a reliable partner that will identify, select and arrange participation in volunteering programs for you. Essentially we offer a complete package, everything you need in one place, from one supplier.

Our current portfolio consists of carefully selected partnering with small, trusted, organizations operating local, sustainable programs that have a proven record of volunteering that positively contributes to the local community and environment.


Why Use Our Services

We enable you to focus on your core business activities, ensuring you will not need to divert resources to the complex and time-consuming task of researching and arranging volunteering trips. We can save your internal resources by doing the groundwork for you. Leave the entire end-to-end process to us. Be it the initial research, project verification, travel planning and associated logistics – we have the experience, contacts and knowledge to ensure your organization can participate in volunteering projects with peace of mind, knowing that we will take care of you from the moment we are involved at the start, through to welcoming back and de-briefing.

Contact us via email to arrange a meeting, we are happy to customise our service to suit your organisational requirements.


Co-founder, Voluntair.

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