Elephant Protection & Rehabilitation

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Many people have no idea how much elephants suffer. In Sri Lanka there are popular tourist attractions which offer elephant rides other related activities. However in some of these places the animals are not allowed to play, they must work seven days a week, they do not have constant access to drinking water and when they’re not working, they are tied to a tree and lack room to move.

This project was founded in 2013 by several enthusiasts who decided to change this critical situation and make elephants happy!

The project firstly tries to offer a safe haven for tame elephants. Most of the animals that come here in a neglected condition, are rescued from a shelter or from hard labor. In this project Elephants are not working. On the contrary, we try to create a comfortable and natural environment. We dare say that we have managed to create for them a home where they are happy – enjoying morning walks, having plenty of space for free movement, regular washing of the elephants, playing in the river or resting in the large paddock.


Volunteers spend a lot of time caring for elephants. This includes washing, walking, cleaning, feces and other work around their program. Sometimes it can be hard work, but it’s also great fun and most importantly – to be so close to these amazing animals is extremely rewarding. In addition, you will learn how to prepare authentic Sri Lankan food. If you wish, during the afternoon, you can help local children improve English skills, you can visit the factory for processing manure, where elephant dung is used for making paper, or you can go for a walk with the other elephants. Participation in all activities is entirely optional.
8:30 Welcome and safety rules
9:00 Walk with elephants
11:15 Exercise break
11:30 Cooking Lessons
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Washing elephants
15:30 Second Walk
16:30 End

Volunteers  stay with a Sri-Lankan host family in a house right next to the elephant enclosure and across the road from the river where the elephants go to wash and swim. Staying with a family gives an amazing insight into the Sri Lankan culture. There are three clean rooms with basic amenities. The choice is an individual room and a room with bunk beds or a double bed. Toilets are western-style and the bathrooms are also typical Sri Lankan refreshing shower with cold water. Blankets, mosquito nets, floor, and ceiling fan and toilet paper are available. There is also WiFi, TV, washing machine, home and sitting porch. Volunteers should bring their own towels.

The project site can be reached by bus, train or tuktuk rickshaw. To reach Negombo from the airport takes about 2-2.5 hours. From Kandy around 1.5 hours. You can pre-arrange airport pick-ups. Prices vary according to distance from 55 NZD.

Interest in animal protection.

English language skills.


Price for 7 days 569 USD
Price for 14 days 996 USD
Price for 21 days 1210 USD
Registration fee 150 USD

If you want more or less days, contact us.

The price includes the services of a local team and 24-hour support, accommodation, food and basic orientation before or upon arrival at the destination. Accommodation is included for stays of 2 days (ie. 1 night) or more. You can buy an extra night for 25 NZD (included in the price and accommodation, dinner, breakfast). Price airport pick-up starts at 55 NZD. For a surcharge, you can also attend yoga classes and karate, various excursions and trips, you can even pay for transportation throughout Sri Lanka.

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Once you have found a project you like, start the application process and let our experienced team build your volunteer vacation, personalised to you. We make the planning and pre-departure process as quick and hassle free as possible.

After registering with us (during registration, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions, here: Volunteer_T&C) and then paying the registration fee, we will review your application and match you to the project in the destination country.

We want to ensure the project is suitable for you but also that the project receives suitable volunteers. Next we will send you confirmation of your reserved spot on the project plus a detailed information pack. This covers project details and practicalities along with requirements for visas, vaccinations, local climate and safety information.

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The world of volunteering offers a unique experience to travel and immerse yourself in authentic cultures, contribute, challenge yourself and most of all have fun. Going outside of your comfort zone far from home can be daunting. Paying money to an organisation far away can also be unsettling. But it doesn’t have to be. We partner with only trusted, verified projects that genuinely contribute to the local environment and community. Also, 100% of your project fees go directly to the local project, not to us.

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