What does it mean to travel with Voluntair?

We are a gateway service for volunteering opportunities. Choose from the selection of volunteer projects available on our website. Fill-out the on-line registration form and pay the Voluntair fee. We will contact you shortly after with all the information you need.

We have a wide variety of trusted, well-organised projects with different durations and activities. We will send you confirmation of your reserved place on the project,  a brochure with further project details, travel options and meeting points. We will also include detailed info about any vaccinations and visa requirements plus other useful tips.

If you are unsure about which project you want to join, need advice or have any questions you can call us,  contact us via email (insert link to email contact page) or Facebook (insert link to Facebook) or come and meet us in person.


Why should I travel somewhere and volunteer?

Participating in a volunteering project will enrich your life in many ways. It can open your life to new, unique experiences. Compared to classic travelling you will get much closer to the local community, environment and culture. You will really be part of their life, language, and environment.

In some cases we can accommodate you with local families to taste authentic cuisine and enjoy local customs. Often our projects are off the beaten track, far from tourist hot-spots and guide book recommendations. Often you will make you own discoveries, hidden treasures and charming moments that stay with you for a lifetime.

Maybe you are bored of regular vacations with little activity and adventure. Join a volunteer project and you will spend a few hours each day immersed in a foreign culture engaged in activities you have never tried before, making new friends and challenging yourself like never before.

Often volunteers are people tired from their stressful daily work life. Constant distractions of modern life that distance us from ourselves. They are looking for a real escape from their routine and to re-connect with something, anything.

An experience that wakes them up to life and makes them feel alive, vibrant again. Contributing to local communities and rewarding yourself with a sense of achievement is the core of volunteering. You will get a fresh perspective about your life and its meaning.

Many of our projects are in remote locations where your smartphone is only useful as a camera. No internet, no email, no phone. You are safe though, with local people in a trusted project. For some, this ‘isolation’ is a blessing.


I have to pay to volunteer? How much and why?

The volunteer projects we promote are not large, well-funded organisations. Often they are small, locally operated groups that rely on volunteers fees to keep their operation going on a daily basis. They have costs to cover, staff to train, equipment and tools to buy and so on.

On average volunteer projects charge 30 dollars (USD) per day and that covers your food, accommodation, any training required. This local project fee is paid on arrival at the project. Some charge more and offer extras like excursions or trips into nearby areas of outstanding beauty, national parks or local communities.

It varies widely from project to project. You can get a good feeling of the variety by browsing our website or contact us directly and we will be happy to talk you through your options.

The second fee is for Voluntair, paid on-line in advance. It ensures we at Voluntair can offer you important benefits like orientation about the local culture, beliefs and project expectations before you leave.

We can answer any questions or concerns you have. We do all the searching, verification and checking so you don’t have to.  We continue to identify, promote and offer the best, well-organised & reliable volunteering projects around the world.

It means you will be well prepared, fully informed before you go. It means you do not have to worry about the integrity of the organisations you are working with. We filter out the high risk, poorly operated volunteering organisations.


Is the Air-ticket included in the Price?

The Volunteer should pay for the flight ticket separately. This allows you complete flexibility to plan your trip how you wish. Why not combine a few days volunteering with your regular 2 or 3 week vacation.

Try a week teaching English in the mountains of Thailand,  then relax on the beach in Koh Tao for a week. Maybe you want an open-ended flight in South America. Join us for a week or more in Bolivia, for example.

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