Petra Vegnerova

Volunteering in Thailand was definitely the best way how to celebrate the end of my studies. I came back with experiences that I would have never gained from traditional vacations. The slow and light-hearted way of life in an indigenous village disconnected from the outside world was one of the best experiences of my life. There was no electricity, no warm water and mainly no time; the concept of being “early” or “late” does not exist there. People wake up with the roosters and go to sleep when the sun disappears behind the mountains. No problem is a “real” problem. I would recommend at least a week in Chiang Rai to everyone who wants to find a piece of mind, learn about authentic culture of an indigenous tribe and do something good for this comunity of amazing and positive people.

Conny Muelenborn

I met a bunch of foreigners from all over the world; some great, interesting and unforgettable people and even some friends for life. Volunteering changed my way to look at life. It made me realize how blessed I am to be able to do this. It helped me sort my priorities in life again.

Jaroslav Jindra

There are many ways to perceive volunteering. For me, it means holidays when I can escape the everyday stereotype, travel an exotic country, meet new people and help a good cause. Compared to a standard vacation, volunteering is for more intense experience that resonates long after the project is over. I fully recommend a volunteering to everyone who wants to experience something beyond a standard travelling, who wants to enrich himself but also help others.

Veronika Andrisani

After I left the corporate world I had an amazing opportunity to fulfil my dream and I went to Thailand to volunteers as English teacher in a local grammar school. The reality exceeded my already high expectations. I got to know a new culture, I established new friendships with people who now inspire me, I began to enjoy little things in life again and I gained a new perspective and confidence. When someone asks me what I enjoyed the most in Thailand, I say that I enjoyed everything. This “EVERYTHING” had one thing in common – feelings of excitement, happiness, unity, meaningfulness, positivity and being proud of who I am.

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